This course will cover the following subject matter expertise:

  • design, engineering and fabrication of the LN-µKomut  car (Lamania MEV)
  • competency development of domain, linguistics, personal and interpersonal skills
  • customer behavior modeling
  • market segmentation, demand and size modeling
  • modeling of the LN-µKomut car ecosystem
  • development of the Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • development of the assembly plant
  • research and development of the micro car standards (design, engineering, safety & security)
  • approval from MOT
  • loan application for owners
  • financing for assembler/supplier
  • export and joint-venture arrangement with ASEAN and the MEANA countries
  • project management
This course is multi-disciplinary and multi-industry.

This is a mission-based learning (MBL) and immersive learning (IL) program.

At the end of the course, graduates would be equipped with basic skills acquired through the delivery of the LN-µKomut  car.
Course Image Using enDef to define a micro car

Using enDef to define a micro car

This course will enable the students with:

How to use TULISTM enDef (Entity Definition) as a tool to analyze the requirements and design of any entity which can be a physical object, c computer application or simply in the development of conceptual objects.

Using enDef to carry out the development cycles for prototyping LN-µKomut (micro electric vehicle).

Helping them with understanding of the requirements of the entire ecosystem of the car in the market.

Define the Instances of Event, Instances of Binding and the PRASTDAO Perspectives for Rsik-Based Project Management of the car.

Course Image Entity Relationship Model

Entity Relationship Model

A car has many components which collaborate with each other. The ecosystem required for the successful introduction of the car into the market requires deployment of the ecosystem and the subsystems.

This course will enable the students to use TULISTM Entity Relationship Model (ERM) to chart the ecosystem and its subsystem.

The success of Project LN-µKomut depends on the deployment of the core ecosystem requirements.